Details of our most recent External Evaluation and Review (EER) have been published on NZQA’s website, and can be found by searching for ‘New Zealand Academic and Learning Institute’ on NZQA’s website (once you find our page, scroll down to ‘External Quality Assurance’ section).

In summary, NZQA are:

  • Confident in our educational performance;
  • Confident in our capability in self-assessment; and
  • Made no recommendations for improvements in any facet of our school.

Some pleasing quotes:

“Feedback from [the health] sector showed high demand for NZALI students for work experience”.  

NZALI places great importance on finding relevant work experience that is aligned with the level of study and to the students’ career goals. This focus is the result of a good understanding of the sector’s needs through close working relationships with health sector employers. This helps to identify job opportunities and match these to students’ aims. The careers counsellor works with students following enrolment to develop an individual plan towards study and career goals, including mapping of how to obtain part-time work in their chosen sector and steps to becoming registered in their industry of choice”.

Students are highly satisfied with the teaching at NZALI, with 100 per cent of students rating the teaching highly. Lecturers have the experience and qualifications in business management to teach the subjects”.

The lecturers are supported by well-qualified tutors who help facilitate the learning with relevant case studies and academic writing support. NZALI demonstrated its commitment to providing quality teaching with a documented professional development plan for staff to attend conferences, upskill their teaching credentials, and carry out research”.

A strength of the organisation is the lecturer and tutor relationship which enables clear alignment of the tutorial topics to the lectures. Students who need additional support schedule one-to-one time with a tutor to help understand the topics”.

“The organisation is providing comprehensive support with career planning, counselling, [and] tutorials”.

Students are provided with a career counselling session early in their enrolment. The career planning consultant documents the individual goals for each student then develops an individualised plan according to individual goals, with a complete pathway to gain residency in New Zealand. This covers learning needs at enrolment, finding part-time work, gaining the qualification, and meeting authorised financial advisor or nursing registration requirements to attain a work visa. This is a good way to help students acclimatise, with many finding work in the sector soon after they arrive”.

NZALI has comprehensive wraparound support for students, with a free student counsellor on call to help with any issues, along with staff who students can talk to in their own language, as well as one-to-one tutoring. This enables any concerns to be addressed”.