How To Apply




To study at NZALI, students can apply directly, or through a registered agent.

1. Complete the APPLICATION FORM, ensuring all relevant sections are completed, and that the programme of choice is clearly indicated. Please attach:

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Certified copy of English test (Academic IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent) if applicable
  • Certified copies of all relevant academic documents
  • Evidence of relevant work experience if applicable.

2. Send the enrolment form to your agent (if applying through an agent), or to:

Director of Studies
Postal Address: PO Box 33-1245, Takapuna, Auckland 0740, New Zealand
Courier Address: Level 1, 12 Huron Street, Takapuna, Auckland
Or email to director of studies:

3. Consideration of the APPLICATION will include a review of the documents that have been supplied.

4. Once course specific entry criteria are met, applicants will receive an Offer of Place letter, which will give advice on course fees (tuition and resource fees), insurance, and date and methods of payment.

 For international students this includes: 

  • Meeting the required English Language Competency level for entry into a specific course by achieving the required IELTS score, or other proficiency test score, or passing the NZALI English test
  • Completing a satisfactory interview
  • Meeting the required level of previous academic achievement/academic pre-requisites.

5. To accept an Offer of Place, applicants must sign one copy of the Offer of Place and return it, with full payment of all fees, by the due date. Note: in accordance with New Zealand government regulations, all course fees received from international students are held in trust at the government-owned Public Trust. See

6. When we receive your fees, we will send you a receipt. This must be presented to your nearest Immigration New Zealand office (contact your nearest NZ Embassy or High Commission for details) with a copy of your Offer of Place, in order to apply for a student permit/visa. Note that if you are not granted a student visa you will receive a full fee refund.

7. Once your student visa is approved, and we know when you are coming (i.e. your flight details), we will arrange your homestay (if that is your chosen accommodation option). You will receive details of your homestay family before you arrive.

8. NZALI does not enrol students who are under 18 years of age.



Starting dates are indicative only and students are advised to check with the institute for changes.



See Fees

By accepting a place in a programme at New Zealand Academic and Learning Institute (NZALI), a student enters a contract with NZALI for the period of the programme. This means there is an obligation to pay the fees for one year (or for the length of the programme if less than one year).

Course fees and costs include the following:

  • GST (New Zealand government-imposed goods and services tax of 15%)
  • All tuition and resource fees for classes
  • The use of audio, electronic and learning equipment whilst on the course, and during self- directed study time onsite
  • Access to all school facilities and equipment during school hours, or by arrangement with the lecturer/tutor in charge after class hours
  • Processing, recording and reporting of assessment results and personal data
  • Free wireless internet access onsite.

Expenses not included in your course fees:

  • Personal expenses
  • Immigration and visa fees including visa changes
  • Pens, pencils and stationery
  • Medical and travel insurance (approximately $460.00 for 12 months)*
  • Optional activities after class hours
  • Course textbooks
  • Accommodation.

*Medical and travel insurance: International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. This can be arranged by NZALI if you wish. Unless you provide evidence that you have appropriate cover for the duration of your study, this will be arranged on your behalf, and the cost added to your tuition fees invoice. Please contact NZALI Director of Studies for more information on medical and travel insurance.