Annual Staff Retreat 2023

In March, we came together as a team for a four day staff retreat, in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland.

This year we had the pleasure of our retreat being facilitated by Jason Hanson a Leadership Coach from the USA. Jason led our team through sessions that developed skills in taking 100% responsibility, making impeccable agreements, clarifying decision-making processes, and practising courageous conversations using the clearing model. 

Our annual retreat is an opportunity for our team to come together, reconnect, reflect, and refine our practices as we plan for the year ahead.

At NZALI we believe in practicing what we teach before offering it to our clients. We’re embedding these new tools that enable braver conversations and clearer communication into our culture now, and will make them available to our clients (all of you!) in the coming years. Contact us at if you want to be one of the first to know about our new leadership development offerings in 2024.