Workplace Programmes

“Our staff are able to employ and apply newly learned skills and can see great results immediately.”

Jane Thew, HR Manager
Wairakei Resort, Taupo

Literacy and numeracy development tailored to your workplace needs

  • Our literacy and numeracy programmes are tailored to your specific workplace needs.
  • We work in collaboration with your management team to design the programme.
  • Delivery can occur onsite at your premises, or offsite as arranged with NZALI.
  • We are flexible with delivery days, and times, to suit staff shifts and schedules.

We are experts in developing adult literacy and numeracy skills. Our sessions embed these skills within everyday workplace tasks, increasing employee engagement as employees feel their learning is directly relevant to their role. As a result, we are also able to increase employee participation, productivity, and production levels in a range of areas.

We have delivered programmes in:

Literacy & numeracy is embedded in these programmes

Literacy and numeracy development is government-funded

Contact us to find out how your business can access government funding to build the capability of your employees in literacy and numeracy, as part of the Employer-Led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund.

  • We believe in sustainable results for your workplace, and our programmes include the supervisors, managers, and those employees who do not meet the literacy and numeracy criteria of this fund, to maximise the chances of effective and sustainable outcomes for your workplace (NZALI cross-subsidises training of these individuals at our own expense).

For more information about this fund, visit or click on this link:

“Our Learning and Development Co-Ordinator reports that some in the group ‘feel proud and recognised because of participating in the training’.”

Jess Senior, HR Manager
Huhtamaki Henderson Ltd, Auckland