Shubhkarman Kaur (India)

“NZALI has been a ‘home away from home’ for me because the friendly and supportive environment made me a part of NZALI. The staff and teachers give a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies within an international environment. I enjoyed the challenges and course gave me the insight into how health services management and the business works in New Zealand.”


Toni Rose Matta (The Philippines)

“NZALI provided me excellent support in many aspects of my life here in New Zealand; school, job placement, even personal guidance. The lecturers, tutors and staff have diligently assisted us with our school work. Nazli has impeccable people skills, she went out of her way, many times, to help me out with personal matters. The institution has done well beyond my expectations.”


Karamjit Kaur (India)

“I am very glad to share a positive journey of Diploma in Business Management with specialisation in Financial Planning at NZALI. This institute offers good combination of learning and self-development. Here the atmosphere is full of motivation. I got all the support & guidance from faculties from my very first day in NZ. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to all staff members at NZALI for their support.”


Rakesh Kunjumon (India)

“I feel great studying at NZALI and getting great opportunity as well as support from the management. They are very supportive, always approachable and welcome any question, by that they helped me for getting a part time job at the initial time through that now I am working full time. Over the past one and half year NZALI has helped and guided me academically as well as personally to set a better life in NZ.”


(L to R) Rakesh Kunjumon (India), Kiran Kadapa (India), Jayson Edang (Philippines), Rikesh Patel (India)

“All staff are always open for discussion and give quick response. They are helpful, caring, supportive”


Hardeep Singh (India)

“Group work and independent study makes us learn and be independent”.


Diamond Valenzuela (Philippines)

“Everyone’s supportive and helpful and put in extra effort to help us find jobs”.


Amit Prajapati (India)

“NZALI is a good environment for study and you get personal help to find a part time job. I found one after just two weeks!!!”


Jayson Edang (Philippines)

“Nazli helped beyond expectations and at every step of our learning. Tutors and Nazli give extra support to find jobs”.


Jino Devassy (India)

“The school is exceptionally supportive. They do more than I expected”.


Gurpreet Kaur (India)

“We learn a lot from assignments, small class sizes and interaction with our tutors”.