A TEC-funded industry training programme aiming to improve employee literacy and numeracy (which can lead to increased productivity, reduced wastage, increased employee capability, and increased staff loyalty). See

  • An individually tailored programme can be designed by NZALI for and in collaboration with clients’ management teams, customised to meet their specific workplace requirements;
  • Training can occur onsite at our clients’ premises, at any time that suits their staff and their workplace requirements;
  • Programmes last for 10-40 weeks, depending on how many hours a week their staff can commit to training;
  • TEC provides funding to cover any administrative and resource material costs that they incur as a result of their participation.

At NZALI, we view the TEC Employer-Led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund (E-LWLNF) as an excellent initiative, offering a win-win-win for New Zealand workers, New Zealand businesses and organisations, and for New Zealand itself. The fund allows registered training providers such as NZALI to work with New Zealand businesses to improve employee literacy and numeracy, which can lead to increased productivity, reduced wastage, increased employee capability, and increased staff loyalty. Our training delivery times are flexible and are designed to complement your company’s work schedules.

We customise training programmes to address companies’ specific and immediate needs and embed literacy and numeracy skills within our programmes. Although the E-LWLNF is designed to be used specifically to train New Zealand citizens and residents with basic literacy and numeracy skills, NZALI recognises that many employers also have other employees with similar needs, and we also recognise that training can be more effective if these employees’ immediate managers and supervisors are also captured within training programmes. Therefore, NZALI cross-subsidises training of these other cohorts at our own expense, within the programmes, to maximise the chances of effective outcomes.

Our Workplace Training Approach

Any Industry, And Scale, Any Location

We can deliver WLN training to any business anywhere.
We have worked with businesses of 2 employees to 100+ employees.

Supporting Clients Throughout the Funding Application Process

We know our way around the funding application process, so we do all the paperwork for you. You just check and approve.

Training that is Relevant to Business Needs

Our training is tailor-made to each client’s needs in collaboration with clients’ management teams. As a result, employees are engaged and feel their learning is directly relevant to their work.

Flexible Delivery Times

Training can occur at any time and for any length that suits staff and their workplace schedules. Training occurs onsite at our clients’ premises, when and where our clients wish. Approx. 10 – 40 week training duration.

Sustainable Results

A key aspect of this funding is that training outcomes need to be sustainable. Our sessions build capability and empower employees to take ownership of their learning. This often leads to staff applying their learning outside of their work.